Global Sport Systems | COMPANY
Global Sport Systems produces and installs products and services for national or international ice rinks and other winter sports under the Global Sport Systems brand.
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About Us

Global Spor Sistemleri A.Ş. (GLOBAL) is a cooperated company which is subsidiary of Onder Group of companies which has companies in plastics, construction and tourism sectors. Our sister company Onder Kimya San. A.Ş. which was founded in 1967 is the owner of GLOBAL and the owner of Global Ice Systems Trade Mark.


GLOBAL is producing and installing products like Dasher Boards, Ice Hockey Goals, Safety Nets, Player Locker Systems and rubber flooring materials in compliance with IIHF and ISU standards and also conducting Ice and Concrete Painting services with Ice Hockey lining applications for all kinds of Ice Rinks. GLOBAL is also installing turnkey refrigeration and cooling systems with It’ s project partners which have extensive international experience in the field. GLOBAL is also importing and selling all other complementary products for Ice Rinks like Ice Resurfacers, Ice Skating Sharpening Machines, Scoreboards and Ice Skating accessories.

IIHF’s Suggested Supplier

GLOBAL is one of the suggested suppliers of the IIHF. We are listed as the only Turkish company in IIHF Supplier Directory list which can be found in the below link…

Apart from all

Apart from all the products listed above which are being produced, procured and installed for Ice Rinks, GLOBAL is also pricing and supplying special products for Ski Jumping Rİnks and Giant Aquariums.


GLOBAL has undertaken and successfully finished more than 35 ice rink and other special sport projects in 15 countries. Target of GLOBAL is to be a leading Ice Rink products supplier in Turkey and all around the world. GLOBAL holds the following quality certificates;