Global Sport Systems | Ice Sports Acessories
Global Sport Systems produces and installs products and services for national or international ice rinks and other winter sports under the Global Sport Systems brand.
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Ice Sports Acessories

Ice Sports Acessories

As explained GLOBAL is a first-hand producer of dasher boards, safety nets, goals, rubber floorings and locker rooms. Apart from these products, GLOBAL provides all kinds of needs for ice rinks. Among these are;

  • Skate sharpening machines
  • Skates
  • Ice Hockey Equipment
  • Ice Hockey Scoreboards
  • Ice Hockey Benches
  • Ice Hockey Stick Holders
  • Seating systems


  1. Turkmenistan/Ashgabat Military Academy Olympic Ice Rink; 2 sets of Ice Hockey Scoreboards, Skate Sharpening Machines, Skates, Ice Hockey Equipment and seat systems
  2. Turkey / Hakkari municipality Turn Key Ice Rink Project; Ice skating and Ice Hockey skates for females and males in various sizes, skate sharpening machines, skate racks
  3. UAE / Al-Ain Olympic Ice Rink Ice Hockey Scoreboard (Supplied to Ice Business GmbH)
  4. Kuwait / Kuwait City Al Othman Plaza Ice rink telescopic seating systems (Supplied to Ice Business GmbH)