Global Sport Systems | Pro Series Flexible Galvanized Steel Dasher Boards
Global Sport Systems produces and installs products and services for national or international ice rinks and other winter sports under the Global Sport Systems brand.
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Pro Series Flexible Galvanized Steel Dasher Boards

Pro Series Flexible Galvanized Steel Dasher Boards

Our FLEXIBLE Dasher Board System produced under the Trade Make Global Ice Systems is a perfect alternative for Professional ice rinks considering player safety as top priority. Most important feature of these boards is that they are designed and produced to absorb an important portion of impact shock upon player hits by bending. The board reflects only a portion of the impact shock back to the player. This feature helps the player hip injuries resulting from body checks to decrease by a significant percentage.


Standard features :

Frame structure : galvanized steel structure with 3 mm thickness

Cladding : White coloured HDPE on ice side, yellow coloured HDPE kickplate and blue or red coloured HDPE handrail

Safety Glass: Acrylic Sheet in 12 veya 15 mm thickness

Glass Holding Profiles : Specially produced transparent Polycarbonate (PC) profile enabling bending upon player hits

Player Benches, Penalty Boxes and Off-Ice Officials Boxes : Produced according to IIHF standards.

Optional Features

Backer Panels: White coloured HDPE with desired thickness, designed and produced for easy installation and dismantling

Soft Handrail: Produced from Soft Rubber to decrease player injuries

Advertisement Production System: Produced from PC sheet

Elevated floorings Rubber floorings, and seating systems for player benches, Penalty Boxes and Off-Ice Officials Boxes Ice Dam


  1. Croatia/Sisak Zibel Olympic Ice Rink Flexible Dasher Boards