Global Sport Systems | Cooling & Piping Systems
Global Sport Systems produces and installs products and services for national or international ice rinks and other winter sports under the Global Sport Systems brand.
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Cooling & Piping Systems

Cooling & Piping Systems

As explained GLOBAL is a first hand producer of dasher boards, safety nets, goals, rubber floorings and locker rooms. Apart from these products, GLOBAL provides all kinds of needs for ice rinks. Among these are the tur-key refrigeration and cooling systems.

Together with our national and international project partners which have extensive experience in ice the field, GLOBAL is capable of providing refrigeration-cooling systems for ice rinks.


  1. Turkey / Hakkari municipality 800 m2 ice rink cooling and refrigeration systems.
    (Cooling system with Ice Mat System, project partner; Avusturyalı AST Ice & Solar Technick GmbH and Isıso Soğutma Ltd. Şti.)
  2. Turkey / Ankara Belpa Olympic Ice Rİnk Refrigeration and Cooling Systems.
    (Project Partner; Daser Mühendislik Ltd. Şti.)