Global Sport Systems | Special Dasher Board Projects
Global Sport Systems produces and installs products and services for national or international ice rinks and other winter sports under the Global Sport Systems brand.
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Special Dasher Board Projects

Special Dasher Board Projects

GLOBAL produces different dasher board systems which are out of It’ s standards product range. Our company is an engineering based production company so we can produce special products according to customer’s designs as an OEM dasher board producer.

In these dasher board systems our customers can ask for different sorts of, board dimensions, material choices, colours, shapes and designs.


  1. Yemen/Yemen dasher boards for 375 m² community ice rink inside shopping mall
    (Produced for Ice Business GmbH)
  2. Azerbaijan/Baku dasher boards for 225 m² ice rink in a private residence
    (Produced for Ice Business GmbH)
  3. Kuwait/Kuwait City Special dasher board system + skating ramps + special “Ice Tunnel” in an ice rink in Al Othman shopping mall
    (Produced for Ice Business GmbH)
  4. Turkey/Ankara-Kentpark shopping mall 800 m² community ice rink dasher boards
  5. Ankara/Çankaya Belediyesi 800 m² ice rink dasher boards
  6. Special dasher boards for Minor League of Turkish Ice Hockey Federation
  7. Spain/Zaragoza Dasher board system with special design having 25 corners for a community ice rink with 1000 m² area outside a shopping mall in Zaragoza
    (Produced for Ice Business GmbH)
  8. Turkey/Hakkari Special Dasher board system for a community rink with 800 m² area
  9. UAE/Dubai Renovation of dasher boards of a 826 m² special ice rink
  10. Thailand/Korat dasher board system for a 800 m² community ice rink inside a shopping mall.
    (Produced for Ice Business GmbH)